Lakewood has a lot to offer. There is a lake close by and lots of wonderful wildlife. It's a slight adjustment to living in the woods. I hope you will consider becoming involved and informed by connecting with your neighbors.

Our Community Website -

Online you will find such useful information as important numbers, the neighborhood bylaws and restrictions, and current news and events.

Join the Lakewood Country Estates Landowners Association

For only $120 a year, you can be member of the LCELA and enjoy the benefits of being a member. Fees are due April 28th of each year and expire a year later. You will receive a key to our private lake pavilion which will be changed the following year when fees are due. We need your support to keep this community strong. It's never too late to join, and you will be able to access and enjoy our private lake area right away. Our association works hard to maintain the atmosphere which attracted you to this area. Among other things, we enforce deed restrictions, stay in contact with our county commissioners, and keep everyone informed on important issues.

LCELA Members Meeting

We have our annual business meeting in October. At this meeting board directors are elected, our budget is addressed, and any other important issues. You must be a paid member to have a vote.

LCELA Members Only Website

As an LCELA paid member you will automatically get access to the Members Only website.

LCELA April Social

There is a spring social at the lake in April of every year.  All residents of the neighborhood are invited.  I hope you will be able to come meet some of your neighbors. If you would like to become a member of the Lakewood Country Estates Landowners Association, dues of $120 are collected at this meeting.  Check the website for dates and times of these events and current board members.

Join the Neighborhood Directory

We have a neighborhood directory available for all residents. If you don't have your information in the directory, please consider signing up.  Paid members of the Association will automatically be added to the directory.

Join the Neighborhood Email

Our neighborhood has a yahoo group account.  This is for sending out messages or notices to others in the neighborhood.  The address is  You can not send a message to the group unless you are on the group list, and all of the addresses are hidden.  If you want to reply to just one person, you need to change the "to" address from LCELA to the individual address.  If you would like to be added to the neighborhood email, please contact Adrian Lee