Burning Permit

The Williamson County ESD 12 Board of Directors have adopted the outdoor burning code of our contracted service provider, the City of Cedar Park.

  • Recreational fires less than three feet in diameter and two feet in height, containing only natural wood, and located no closer than 25 feet to a structure are permitted and do not require a permit.
  • All other outdoor burning requires a permit from the City of Cedar Park Fire Marshall (512-401-5200).
  • Permits are $35 and are issued on a quarterly basis.
  • For the complete text of this notice, visit www.wilcoesd12.org.

Even with the recent rains, we have to remember that central Texas is a semi-arid environment.  Practicing safe outdoor burn practices benefits us all.

Commercial DevelopmentCedar Park has rezoned some lots along CR 180 commercial use and annexed into the city.

Two lots are owned by commercial developers and no longer bound by our deed restrictions.  One of these lots is at the corner of 180 and the toll road, and is currently a restaurant called BC's Backyard (apparently closed as of the beginning of November 2018).

There is also some development happening to the west of Lakewood Tr.

New Hope Road Extension Project

County Road 180 is being extended to Ronald Regan Boulevard. This project will cause some nuisance to LCELA landowners because it needs to close off entry into the neighbourhood from Co Rd 180 to Lakewood Trail for a while.

City of Leander 

Across the lake from our neighborhood there are new subdivisions being built.  These subdivisions have access to our lake and the city of Leander is planning on building a community park along the lake on the north side.  The neighborhoods bordering the lake are Cold Springs, Crystal Springs, and Hazelwood.  

Loose Dogs

There has been a problem with loose dogs in this neighborhood for a long time.  People do not like to be harassed and attacked by dogs.  Understand that if you have a dog, that you are responsible for keeping the dog secured in your property, and are probably liable for any damage or injury caused by loose or uncontrolled dogs (or other pets).  If you have a problem with a loose dog, the best plan is to call the animal control.  See links and contacts for phone number.

We have had problems with burglaries and vandalism in this neighborhood in the past.  Mailboxes destroyed, houses robbed, trash thrown on the side of the road, and damages at the lake area.  Please keep record of all your things, stay on guard, and keep your property secured.  If you see suspicious behavior, call the police, 512-943-1389