The Benefits of Being a Member of LCELA

1.  Recreation - paying members receive a key to the lake. Go fish. Relax.
2.  A Vote - By joining LCELA, you get a vote in determining how we operate as an association.
3. A Nice Feature - you have the lake and private pavilion as an amenity to our neighborhood.

The Reasons for Being a Member of LCELA

1.  Investment - We all invest a great deal of our hard earned money into our homes and land. No investment is maintained without some form of protection. LCELA will enforce deed restrictions which will help keep our land values up and make this area more appealing to potential buyers.

2.  Safety - It is important to know your neighbors so you can be on the lookout for them, and they for you. By joining LCELA you will get to know more people here. There is safety in numbers.  This is important with burglaries on the rise.

3.  Protection - the HOA will help protect our rights as land owners.

4.  Political -  the HOA will negotiate our tax rates for the emergency service district.

5.  Communication - the HOA enables us to stay connected and informed about changes to our neighborhood through our website, group email, meetings, and directory.

6.  Landowners Rights - the HOA upholds our rights to the lake property, and keeps it from being turned over to the public.