Only paid members of LCELA may use the Lake Park. 
The use of the Lake Park is governed by Article VIII of the LCELA Bylaws, and by Texas law.

Texas Law says:

Do not cross the dam; it is private property.

Article VIII of the LCELA Bylaws says:

  1. Non-members must be accompanied by members when using the lake facilities. This rule does not apply to immediate family members not living at home, or any family members living at home. Non-adult family members (nineteen years or younger) can bring up to three friends during a visit.
  2. Members must notify the board if they camp overnight at the lake or want to reserve the pavilion for a party. 
  3. Campfires are not allowed.
  4. Each member is responsible for cleaning up and removing his/her trash while at the lake.
  5. No admission will be charged by members to guests using the lake facilities.
  6. Parties of ten or more people require a majority approval from the board of directors.
  7. The allowed hours of use for the lake and park area is 6:00 am until 10 pm. The lake and park are closed after 10 pm, unless prior approval has been provided by the board of directors.
  8. All fishing is catch and release only.
  9. No personal water craft or wave runners permitted. Boat motors cannot exceed 10 hp.
  10. Canoeing and kayaking are permitted.
  11. Swimmers assume any and all risks.
  12. Members are allowed only one guest boat per visit.
  13. Lock the gate when entering, and when leaving the lake park.
  14. Do not park your boat trailer or car on the boat ramp.
  15. Boats stored at the lake must be locked and have an ID tag or board member must be notified.
  16. ATVs are not allowed for recreational use at the lake. They are only allowed as transportation to and from the lake park.
  17. No fireworks allowed.

To notify the Board, send a timely email to 

Every member must abide by these rules or risk their membership being revoked.
The board of directors can revoke the membership of an LCELA member and impose a fine if the following rules are not followed. Such revocation removes the ability of the member, family and friends to access the LCELA Park for a period of time determined by the Board of Directors. Just cause for this revocation includes, but is not limited to:

1. Non-adult family members using the lake after dark or bringing more than three (3) friends to the Park without adult supervision.
2. Not honoring the catch and release program for fishing.
3. Using a motorized boat with an engine greater than 10 hp.
4. Allowing friends or other non-members to gain access to the Park without an LCELA member being present.
5. The LCELA member, their family or friends causing damage to the grounds and facilities in LCELA Park including the gate, the pavilion, the jetty and the electrical services. In such events the individuals responsible will also be required to pay replacement costs for all damage done.