Questions that the LCELA Board are frequently asked.

Who can become a member of the Lakewood Country Estates Landowners Association (LCELA)?

To become a member of LCELA, you must own property in Lakewood Country Estates.

When are LCELA membership dues collected?

The dues are $120 a year (only $10 a month). Contact the to pay dues and to receive your key to the lake. Dues are good for one year and are collected during the Spring social on or before April 28 of every year.

Can I run a business within the LCELA neighborhood?

It depends. The Restrictive Covenants, which are a binding contract signed by you on the purchase of your home here, forbid any "noxious or offensive" activities on your property.

A couple of examples;

If your business is running a web-based business from home, with no physical product arriving or departing, it's hard to see how this could be seen as noxious or offensive.

If your business is light industrial, involving machining material in a building, the traffic and the noise created could well be noxious and offensive.

Please visit the Resource Center to view the Covenants.

I want to build or extend on my property. What do I have to do?

The first thing to note is that building a new house requires you to submit your house plans to the LCELA Building Committee for approval. You do this by emailing a request to

Secondly, Cedar Park says you also need a Cedar Park Building Permit, along with the accompanying inspections. LCELA isn't competent to offer legal advice on this matter.

What are the restrictions for dividing lots within the LCELA neighborhood?

Please visit the Resource Center to review the Restrictive Covenants:


Each tract of approximately 5+ acres may be divided into no more than two lots and each lot must have a minimum of two acres. The only exceptions to this will be Lots 7, 8 and 9, Block D, which may be divided into more than two lots and each lot must have a minimum of 1.75 acres. Lot 1 Block E and Lots 5 and 6 Block D may be divided into no more than three lots and each lots must have a minimum of two acres and Lot 1 Block C may be divided into no more than three lots but each lot may be a minimum of 1-1/2 acres. All lots shall be used for single family residential dwellings.

How do I get added to the Neighborhood email group?

Our neighborhood has a yahoo email group account. This is for sending out messages or notices to others in the neighborhood. The address is You cannot send a message to the group unless you are on the group list, and all of the addresses are hidden. If you want to reply to just one person, you need to change the "to" address from LCELA to the individual address.

If you would like to be added to the neighborhood email, please contact Jeremy Vicars -

(And many thanks to Adrian Lee for running this for so many years!)

Do I need to get a burn permit?

The Williamson County ESD 12 Board of Directors have adopted the outdoor burning code of our contracted service provider, the City of Cedar Park. Recreational fires less than three feet in diameter and two feet in height, containing only natural wood, and located no closer than 25 feet to a structure are permitted and do not require a permit. All other outdoor burning requires a permit from the City of Cedar Park Fire Marshall (512-401-5200). Permits are $35 and are issued on a quarterly basis. Visit for the complete text of this notice.

Can livestock be kept on the property of residents of Lakewood Country Estates?

While living in a subdivision like ours provides us with a lot of freedom, we all agreed to abide by the Lakewood Country Estates restrictions, covenants, conditions, and uses when we bought our property. Per those covenants:
8. Animals
No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised or kept in the premises except those that can be classified as household pets, and none can be kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes, except that, subject to the prior written approval of the control committee, a limited number of livestock may be kept for personal pleasure or hobby, the variety and number of which shall be at the sole and exclusive discretion of the control committee.
The officers of the Lakewood Country Estates Landowners Association comprise the aforementioned control committee. Please send any requests to