Our Neighborhood

Lakewood Country Estates residents enjoy living in a beautiful, secluded setting that has convenient access to the north Austin area. We also enjoy the pleasures of a lovely 39 acre lake less than a minute from our doorstep!

Hopefully, those of us who live here realize how special this place is. We must also consider the value in taking reasonable steps toward protecting and improving what we now have. A strong Landowner's Association is vital for this to be accomplished.


The LCELA Board is made up of homeowners who volunteer their time to do their best to ensure that our neighborhood is safe and market values are maintained for current and future landowners. The Board is assisted by others, like the Website Manager.

LCELA members should feel free to contact the LCELA Board members on any LCELA business.  

Send an email to LCELA_Board@googlegroups.com, and all the Board members will receive it.

Office Name Duties
President Dan Martillotti External affairs, general organization and ESD #12 News
Treasurer Mikova Talokonnikoff Membership dues, Lake Keys and Webchief
Secretary Jeremy Vicars Record Keeping, Communications
Assistants to the Board of Directors:
Office Name Duties
Website Manager Pete Wilson Keeping the lcela.org website alive and accurate

Next Steps...

The Benefits of Being a Member of LCELA

If you are a resident and have been a member before or have never been a member, please consider joining. The dues are $120 a year (only $10 a month). Contact the LCELA_Board@googlegroups.com to pay dues and to receive your key to the lake. Dues are good for one year and are collected during the Spring social on or before April 28 of every year.